Wednesday, March 3, 2010

San Blas

Here's Linda and Tanque de Tiburon on our arrival in San Blas and the Marina!

We left Mazatlan and head south on an overnight passage, then spent two "rolly" nights near Isla Isabela. Here's Bill on the bow infront of the Isabela Rocks we anchored near but we were unable to dinghy to shore to tour due to the state of the seas. Th Blue Footed Boobies will have to wait for the next trip - but the Frigate birds were flying all around!

So we went on to San Blas,

have spent a week, touring the city, the jungle and crocodile farm nearby, meeting new friends, eating and shopping and generally doing boat chores.

San Blas is a delightfully sweet town...stone streets abound so the cars have no shocks, many on bicycles , lots of small mom and pop stores, restaurants, bars, people enjoying the plaza (Bill says it reminds him of the play, "Our Town"!) and arts and crafts from the local Huichil Indians.

Think about this picture - could this be Prescott 1956?

The courtyard of the Flamingos Hotel - lovely!

March 4th - en route to La Cruz with several stops...details to follow - stay tuned!!!