Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 2014 - finally!

Tanque de Tiburon Sail Log 2014


January 15 – arrived San Carlos – finally!  Edward Bottomley was visiting town for a week so we entertained him at a few of our local haunts – along with seeing some cruiser and local friends – s/v Sea Bourne’s Ron and Beryl, s/v Yemaya’s Bob and Bev and some new folks.  Plus seeing Folker’s a little as they came and went as well.  Joan brought her sister Nancy down, who flew in to AZ from Montana – and we all attended the Ladies’ Luncheon to benefit SPCA, the local dog and cat rescue project. Within the week, we were able to hit Capt’s Club a few times – to include pizza, Soggy Peso for a beer, La Palapa to hear Mark Mulligan play twice, the Edge for a burger, La Esquina for a great pizza and the Paradiso for the luncheon just for the girls.  Obviously, I don’t cook much when we are in a marina.  And we had some Guaymas chores to include new boat batteries x6, some provisioning at Walmart, Telcel for a Mexican phone and the Guaymas marina.
 The Paradiso Bay behind Soggy Peso Bar at Sunset.
 Even beach horses are served at the Soggy Peso!
 At the SPCA (Dog and Cat rescue) Luncheon with 396 of my best friends...and Nancy, Joan (with MAx) ...and me. I look like a giant with these lovely girls!
 Friend Sheila  decorated a table and modeled (see below) along her rescue dog, Maximo Valentino - the dog which I may steal one day when she is not looking.


January 23 dawned and it was time to go.  We put the car to bed at Tom and Joan’s the night before (thanks you two)  and found new dock friends on s/v Indara who got up at 0700 to send us off and handle a few lines.  It was an easy exit, no trauma or drama! Although we left with .66 feet under the keep….close!  High tide was at 0300, too dark to depart so we snuck at as the tide was dropping and did fine. 

A fairly unremarkable crossing and even had some 100%, no-engine sailing in for a change – about 6 hours in the 24 hour crossing from Marina San Carlos to Isla Coronado.  We kept the sails up and both the main and jib did well, reefed the main at dusk per usual.  It was a fairly flat sea and the wind range was 5-12 knots.  We got a little sleep with sharing watches.  Otto, the auto-pilot worked well except one brief hiccup where he quit under sail and we did a circle before we got back on track – with the motor back on.  But the winds had dropped to 5 knots so our speed had dropped to 3 knots, so time for some man-made power, anyway.  The daylight run was smooth and pleasant, albeit a little cool.  After dark,  it warmed and no jackets needed – just a sweat shirt and socks.  .  Bill was able to catch a U of A basketball game on Sirius radio – so that was HIS watch time while I warmed pea soup for dinner! The moon did not rise until about 0300 so it was pretty dark with a few horizon lights and 1-2 very distant boat lights.  Otherwise, we saw no one “out there”. 

As the sun came up about 0630 on the 24th, we were passing Isla Coronado, heading around to the south to find the protected anchorage.  Normally we go to the west beach “hook” with its pretty white sand beach.  A little “norther” is predicted for a few days so we opted for a safer, calmer anchorage to sit it out a few days.  We hauled in the jib and main and made a direct shot into a deserted anchorage and dropped the hook in about 12’ of water and settled in – looking forward to breakfast, coffee/tea and hot, engine-warmed water for showers. Oh, and a nap. A lazy day being had to relax.  Probably watch some DVD’s tonight.
Bill working on the engine log in the hatchway.

                                                Sails up and clouds at sunset.
 Gorgeous double rainbow at sunrise over Isla Coronado, where we anchored off around to the left.
Cockpit seating for two.  Love these chairs and my beach towel covers make them a bit easier to keep clean and less sweat in the summer!

Had a large group of  dolphins circling the boat at anchor a few minutes ago - mostly lazing but a few auditioning for Sea World.  Musta confused us with the m/v Shamu? Pics later!

Wifi off Loreto, so last chance to catch up on news and family and friends.