Saturday, December 28, 2013

Baby and Wedding

                              Baby Update and Wedding Report

The baby has grown, Bill III and Cris got married (Atlanta, October) and we have had an exciting few months at the Sharktank (home) as well as Tanque de Tiburon (da boat). 

First, Ms Mina Rose is now 8 months old.  She has been a doll and we have enjoyed some visits to Mesa to play with the baby and a little babysitting, as well. Here is a flash update in pics:

Here first portrait at 7 days:
 She did a lot of this:
Amber helped me babysit for a week in August, I think,,,altho, refused diaper duty...
oh, Mina had a brace on for 2 months for a potential hip dysplasia - which has thankfully resolved thanks to Cristy's diligence in using the brace 24/7 - it did make diaper changing a challenge. 

 After the June-July 3 week sail with Grandma and Grandpa (see prior Blog), We took Dan home and visited daughter Marty, Amber and Chase en tow. Here are the kids including Dan's sister, Jamie - Michael is now away with the USMC!  A&C stayed another week before they flew home to Dallas.

                                  Ok now Mina is ready -  football season prep for her dad:
                                                   Halloween as Snow White:
                                                            Swim lessons started:
                                               7 months check-up:  22.5# and 96% of chunky:
                                                             With Grandma (Linda):
                                 Christmas eve with the Galaviz'....Xzavier spends a few days
                                            a week with them and turned 2 in August:
                                        Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa in Sierra Vista:
                                                             Posing under out tree:
                                        And now on to shopping.  Yes, I guess it is in the genes....:
                                                         Cristy and Mina out to lunch:
And Grandma gets another few days of babysitting in Mesa in January - 
before we head south to sail for the spring. :-)

On to the BIG wedding! 
 Last year was Cristy and Tony in Maui and this year, Bill III and Cris tied the knot Oct 11th in Atlanta.  The did a first class job at organizing the gathering and the events. Here is the final product:

 And the whole wedding party below.  Cris' family is Brazilian so had people from Miami and Brazil.  Her nieces were the flower girls and were adorable. The Pattison clan also gathered from all over.  Pattison's on the right except Chase who joined his new Brazilian buddy on the left.

 We stayed a few days after with Bill as Cris had to fly back to Miami as she is in a 27 month nurse anesthetist (CRNA) program there. This is the perfect couple - totally in love and it shows, super smart, motivated, working hard at their careers and spending time with family. They are also a  very cute couple.  We are proud of them. Had a great time at the wedding.

 Cris' sister and mom sent US flowers to the house!  Thanks!

                               We lunched and toured Atlanta with Bill III - had a great time!

Back to the wedding events:

                                       Here we were at the wedding rehearsal dinner:
                                                   Bill and his sisters - Vicky, Tiffany, Bill and Marty.

        And here are the grand kids that attended - Jamie, Rylie, Daniel, Chase, Michael (USMC) and Amber.

Now for the the three girls with Dad:

                                            Then there was us....
                               Wedding day arrived and we are waiting for the event to start......
                                          here is Jamie, Chase, Dan, Amber and Michael's GF Diana.

                                             Goofing off with Dad - that's Marty!

                                                   Rylie,Amber, Linda.....
                                          Waiting for the Bride and Groom ..... with Chase.
                         Lindsey, Vicky's husband and Chase' dad behind....and then there is Dan :-) .....LOL.
                      Ok Cris you can smile now.  What was Bill looking for - a way out?  Too late!
                                MY wedding dress I found last year in La Paz....worked perfect.
                                      Dan, Amber and Chase hanging out after the ceremony.
                                          The reception tables were gorgeous - loved all the roses!
                                                          And then there was cake...

                               Chase was the star dancer of the evening. Little Wild Man.
                                               Grandpa led the Conga Line, though.

                                         Oh yeah, there goes Chase again.  LOVES to dance.

 Even Aunt Karen flew out from TUC (Bill's sister) and here she is entertaining one of the flower girls.

                              Picnic the next day at Bill and Cris'....musta wore out Michael and Diana?

 Back to the Atlanta touring with Bill III....This is the Olympic park from 1996 (I was there then, too).
 At the Atlanta Aquarium - pretty awesome place. They have several huge whale sharks in a pretty gigantic tank. BTW, you can actually scuba dive with them. (We look forward to natural sightings in the Baja again...maybe swim with them.)

 At the top of the the rotating restaurant on top the Wyndam, I think.  What a view.

Happy New Year!  We head south in a few weeks and back to sail blogging....