Monday, September 6, 2010

Where did the summer go?

Just where DID the summer go?

Between house projects, we made a run to the boat/San Carlos a few times and a trip to Dallas to see kids and grandkids. Linda also attended her annual Take Shape for Life conference. (
We also made a long weekend visit to New Mexico, Albuqureque and the Taos area, to see friends. The Enchanted Circle loop near Taos is gorgeous.
July 4th was fun as we had Cristy down from Phoenix and Marty and Michael Jr. visit from CA as well as Karen from Tucson. We did the fireworks and ate fried chicken, our annual treat.

We just had/are having an exceptionally wet monsoon season in Sierra Vista. A total of 10" so far - and 3" of that was in ONE DAY! We had a lake in the back yard!! Bill has been working his butt off around the yard with lots of mowing and trimming, patio furniture re-painting , inside decor painting, tiling...and all the things that go with that....lawn mower repairs, paint clean-up and beer drinking.... Linda was able to do some sewing for the boat (fender covers, etc) and some intense sorting and cleaning, shopping, planning and seeing Cristy, helping friend Lillian...and started doing some baking, as well.

In Dallas, we had the grandkids, Chase and Amber, stay with us at the resort for a few nights before we went to their house and did "car pool" for the week for Vicky while Lindsey was visiting his mom in CA. We had a surprise (to Bill II) visit from Stormy (aka Bill III) and his girlfriend, Cris, who flew in from NC!

And Linda met up with some Army Nurse friends at conference,'s Brenda and Patti with Linda.
We have enjoyed the summer mostly at home, seeing a few friends and working on the house and yard. One more trip south to "strip" Tanque de Tiburon for hurricane season, which has already started on the east coast and one threatened way south of San Carlos. We are making lists and gathering information for this upcoming winter trek, when we hope to get even further south of Puerto Vallarta before Christmas. We have "pretty-sure" house sitters lined up with Russ and Jodee from Smoke-N-Blues, who currently have their boat for sale.
We are in hopes of a mini-family gathering over Thanksgiving and are receiving our "RSVPs" and have the guest rooms already filled. One for Robin's and one for Bill's sister Karen. Hoping for Cristy who celebrates her 30th in November!

Our next trip is north. We will visit Tom and Joan in Halifax, Nova Scotia Sep 29-Oct 15. Looking forward to great lobster and expensive beer. Beautiful scenery and culture.
Have a great fall!!!
Linda and Bill