Friday, March 28, 2014

La Paz - aqui estamos!

On to La Paz - and beyond!

Party time!
Still en route, we made a stop in San Evaristo and Cipriana, a local  mom,  made us a delightful fish dinner at her palapa restaurant; we met s/v Noreue, Donna and Jim, and enjoyed an evening of his Buffett-style guitar and singing aboard our ship.  What a treat!
Been practicing my ukulele a bit but dpon't expect any concerts soon....



A lovely sunrise in San Evaristo before we headed south to La Paz.

Wonder how we do ice?  Here is my ice maker.  Works well,
I keep two tubs going and rotate and we end up with big, long-lasting cubes, well, chunks.

 Heading out of Puerto Escondido and a few more stops before La Paz....

La Paz - finally! - Just in time for several Valentine Parties!

Here we have sailor Linda and Bill in our sweetheart shirts and Dixie cup hats.  That hat lasted about 3 nano-seconds on Bill's USMC head....

And at the Tailhunter for a welcome brew!

Now for some shopping....aren't these the cutest little girls dresses we found at the Bravo Market?
JUCE' Bruce and Judy (The Devil Boat*) introduced us and treated us to a special dinner at that is a filet done rare and it was wonderful! Thanks guys!

Now for an after-dark dock party - er - safety meeting. 
No dock parties allowed. But included live music!

Shopping in town and stopped at a small new park and rest spot - very nice!

Ladies Lunch at the Country Club with Deb, Rhonda, Gig, Sherry and me.

Local pangueros taking a group out to whale watch off the Malecon in town.

Now it is Carnaval time! 

We walked to town a few times, caught the parade and had a few brews and junk food.

The theme for this year's parade was Aliens...plenty of little green men, Martians and weird little Gringo people walking about.....there is Andy and Deb with me as well as Graeme and Sherry.
Food and rides and games galore. This is a double-decker trampoline - OSHA beware!

From sweet treats to liquor, blankets, cookware...all for sale.

Parades right on the water, with a breeze and loud music...salsa-dancing Aliens!

including....The Jetson's?

Several new craft breweries in include this one -
 Harker Boards - and their special Escorpion brew....YES!


Chef School....Bill?

Yes we went; nine of us to create this wonderful meal.  We started at 2 and ate
about 7-8 and enjoyed pork roasted in banana leaves, paella,
several ceviches, meatballs (Bill's team),
shish-ka-bobs, fruit and Tres Leches cake (my team).  Yum!




Outings with friends.....

JUCE presented a select few with Devil Boat** shirts after a night of rum on their boat but of course, retaliation included a JUCE boat decorating (crime tape and signs) but we will never tell who did it.....
The Devil Boat gang:

That's about it, La Paz.
The Canadians are heading north again and soon will we.
A few more events, Bay Fest and some dinners out, a little more walking...
More to follow!