Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mina Rose Galaviz!

Welcome aboard, baby.
It's a girl!
  Mina Rose arrived to Cristy and Tony
 on her due date - April 29th, 2013 
in Chandler, AZ.
7# 13 oz and 21 inches. 
So we had to rush home and get up to see her.

Grandma and grandpa with Mina.

   Her first photo shoot portrait - amazing at 7 days old!!!

              Cristy and Mina 0 her first Mother's Day.

             MINA  makes her first fashion statement!

                 Sweet dreams cuddled after a bath.

Tony introduces Mina to her her brother, Xzavier,  at home.
            Dressed for summer travels in her car seat.
She is a sweet doll and a pretty good baby so far. 
We will be up to visit Mina and family over the next few months in Mesa. 
Cristy has a few months off work to adapt to the big changes!
Linda and Bill
Grandma and Grandpa