Sunday, April 14, 2013

Logs and Blogs from San Carlos

We are back in San Carlos!

It was  an uneventful trip north from La Paz, a few island 
anchorages and a 110 mile overnight from Isla Coronado to San Carlos bay. We stayed in Marina Real to unload stuff to go home then hauled the boat out Friday for paint and survey this week.
When we splash back in this week, we will go around to Marina San Carlos and park her until June - when we hope to have grandkids Amber and |Daniel aboard for a month. 

Just another sunrise on the Baja!

The La Paz Ladies Lunch at the golf course with Linda and cruiser friends. 

Sopme lovely local veggies provisioned for the trip north.

Below is the start of a different journal - and I hope to get input from cruisers and others. I have several chapters written and this is the start of chapter ONE....

Logs and BLOGS

When I am 90, I don’t think I will care much what I was doing in 
February 2010 – that it was sunny, foggy or windy. I might, 
however, recall the sheer terror of a bad day at sea, high winds, big 
seas or a following Baja Ferry scooting up my transom. 

 I might also recall a lazy, warm sail with a following sea and the sails scooting the boat along in light winds. New to sail logs when we started out, I was determined to maintain 
the official captain’s log (Star date when?) and dutifully noted.

On a recent sail, I actually fell off the toilet AKA the “head”.  The 
winds were tossing the boat in an unpredictable manner.  Try as I
 might to hang on and anticipate a roll or a “pot hole” and hold on 
to the ever-handy hand rail, there comes a brief moment to stand 
(mostly for girls or guys in rough seas!), pull up pants and zip or 
button.  This usually requires two hands unless one is extremely 
talented.  Elastic pants are helpful at sea.  The wind and the waves 
were at a conflict right at that exact moment and I went  flying 
back to the seat and up against the wall. Slam, I hit the seat hard, curses that hurt!

 Up and grousing, I exited the head and Bill looking at me from the 
helm with that “what?” expression. “Don’t even ask” I shot. Of 
course, I documented that inthe Blog! 

 “We’ve all been there” is a very common line among cruisers.

 Yes I would like comments either here or email on your thoughts about Logs and Blogs! I might quote you in the Book.  LOL