Thursday, February 26, 2009

South toward Cabo San Lucas.....

On the road to Cabo and beyond.....even the cactus were in a festive Mexican mood!
Viva Mexico!

Why not a nice hammock in the shade? The Las Palmas hotel in Bairelles was lunch stop but looks like a spot to return and hang your hat for a bit.

Guess what? We passed south at the Tropic of Cancer demarkation. Amazing, it was dramatically warmer, balmy....yeah, right! Heading toward San Jose, we found our real destination in San Jose del Cabo, which is a strand of resorts between Old San Jose and Cabo.

Club Regina in San Jose del Cabo.
Note the cell tower on the mountain, disguised as a palm tree, sort of. A beautiful resort built into the cliffs and looking into the rocky/sandy beach. The "endless pools" were fun to sit in and watch the ocean. And they were all heated....!

The white wall is the pool's edge.

A map of the resort built into the mountain, Linda in the lobby and the cart paths they use to shuttle guests.

More Club Regina in San Jose del Cabo .......
....and a few pools....

Several swim-up bars kind of spoil one!

The sea gulls liked the pools, too!

Below is "our beach" area at Club Regina, down below our room....

Onward south to Cabo San Lucas, which was very cruise-ship touristy, crowded (both with people and tight boat spaces!) and expensive. Had a nice lunch and said adios!!

A party catamaran returning with the tourists full of margaritas and sunshine!

OK, we were tourists, too...

Then on to Todos Santos on the Pacific coast....where are those whales....???

NO whales near - very distant spouts! But the huge Pacific waves were pretty awesome! Sat for hours watching the water and sea gulls.

Welcome to the Hotel California! Yes, the Hotel California! Lovely place to stay in Todos Santos, while looking for the elusive whales.

Gorgeous little courtyards with character, very ecclectic. The rooms were very comfortable and updated. A queen room was $125.night. We checked in at 2 PM and they only had 2 rooms left.

Time to go back to the boat, men!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding at Marina Palmira

Pattison's Attend Local Wedding!

A wedding at the Perico Loco Cantina! We decided to crash the wedding because they were in OUR bar on OUR dock where I do MY Yoga and stretching classes when we are at the here's Linda at our special table while the reception is held just behind us...

OK, not really. The hotel was doing a photo shoot/promotion for weddings or perhaps for the next edition of Mexican Bride magazine. One of the marina guards - the only one who can actually pick Lucy the Goose up, decided to add Lucy to the photo shoot. One of the model brides was very polite as she tried to pet Lucy, making some interesting shots!

They even had fake cake, flowers and a banquet set by the pool! Two brides and a wedding party - but no attendees...except the Pattison's and a few other bar flies.