Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding at Marina Palmira

Pattison's Attend Local Wedding!

A wedding at the Perico Loco Cantina! We decided to crash the wedding because they were in OUR bar on OUR dock where I do MY Yoga and stretching classes when we are at the here's Linda at our special table while the reception is held just behind us...

OK, not really. The hotel was doing a photo shoot/promotion for weddings or perhaps for the next edition of Mexican Bride magazine. One of the marina guards - the only one who can actually pick Lucy the Goose up, decided to add Lucy to the photo shoot. One of the model brides was very polite as she tried to pet Lucy, making some interesting shots!

They even had fake cake, flowers and a banquet set by the pool! Two brides and a wedding party - but no attendees...except the Pattison's and a few other bar flies.

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