Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stuck in San Carlos...

Here we sit in San Carlos awaiting a weather window. So no news is good news.  We decided not to beat ourselves up and wait for a good time to cross to the Baja. We have been cold - for San Carlos - many nights down to low 40's.  Thankfully, our boat's diesel heater is working well!! 

We've spent time with friends and seeing a few Mark Mulligan concerts locally...and eating out here and there. Bob and Donna from ND (they even thought it was too cold for Mexico!) have rented a house here for a month and are also enjoying the local cerveza/margaritas, sights and sounds of the city. 

We should still arrive La Paz o/a February 7th.  Palmira has our slip waiting for us. Hoping it warms up a lot by then - and further south.  

Here's a pic from last year's haul out, if you are curious what we look like in a sling! 40,000 # of boat - pretty good sling!  It honestly feels like watching your baby be born when they haul her out of the water. "Please don't drop her!" We will be hauling again in April as we found out we need a new boat survey for insurance purposes.  Probably be back in San Carlos o/a April 1 for that. 

 Cristy's little girl is due to arrive EOM April, anyway - so be good to be closer to home!  A short south season this year - if we ever get out!  But we are hoping to sail again in June with Grandkids Daniel and Amber!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let the Season Begin!

January 2013! 

We are back on Tanque de Tiburon in the marina at San Carlos and just about ready to cross to the Baja.  It's currently too windy for hardly a beer at the Soggy Peso bar with Joan and Tom as well as Bob and Donna - but we managed it, anyway.  So we'll keep doing little projects and more socializing as we wait for a weather window to make the overnight crossing to Santa Rosalia again. We'll hope to have some time to make a few stops as we head south and enjoy some of our favorite anchorages. Our goal is to arrive La Paz o/a Feb 1, where we have a slip awaiting us for a few months at Palmira.  We'll travel in and out of La Paz for a few months.

We have several events this spring to plan around. One is that Cristy's baby girl is due April 30th, in Mesa area.  There is a baby shower Feb 16th also in PHX area that Linda will try to attend.  No easy task as it will involve travel from La Paz to Guaymas (fly?) then drive to PHX and possibly a stop at the house coming and/or going.  But Bill will likely stay with the boat in La Paz for that one.

 The other big event we are planning on is grandson Michael's graduation from USMC boot camp at Camp Pendleton, San Diego on March 15th.  This also might be a semi-complicated trip involving bus and fly.We are looking at a possible flight up from La Paz...perhaps into Tijuana then crossing to San Diego and stay a few days.

So you ask - why don't we just sail to these events, or at least back to San Carlos and then drive...?  Well, since we move at 5 mph and must rely on weather assist, it takes too long and is unpredictable to arrive anyplace on time. Hence, we'll park the boat in Palmira and fly.

The big news from 2012 as Cristy and Tony's wedding in October in Maui as well as a fun 35-day trip to the PNW in August-September.  The wedding was  great, all went well.  Due to the distance and cost, only 27 at the wedding but it was the dream beach wedding Cristy wanted.  They are settling into work, new house and starting the family. We were able to visit briefly with s/v Moondance in Hawai'i, too. Bill and I enjoyed a full day touring the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor - Bill was thrilled to see the ship.

We visited Linda's cousin's in the Seattle area and saw several cruiser friends and had very enjoyable visits with Canadians s/v Gosling, Intrepid II and Kasasa in Victoria, friends Elaine and Mark in Vancouver, s/v Odyssey and Tamara in Portland and former s/v Full Quiver in South Lake Tahoe as well as s/v's Andiamo!'s Lisa in Seattle.  We also had home visits by s/v Merlot - which is for sale. Fun to see everyone OFF their boats and around.

As we travel this season, we'll try to keep the Blog up a bit better.  We hope we have solved and prevented any further, predictable  boat problems and planning on smooth sails this year. Omar, the engine-magician, did a lot of work on the boat this past summer - along with the Omar-engine tweaks he does so well, so we have a new transmission, new bilge pump, new batteries and even a new tachometer!  And some new canvas and a new back and fore stay replaced when we get to La Paz. Many parts aboard old Tanque!

 In no particular order.....a few pic from 2012....
Marilyn, Marti and Linda... tres hermanas!
sister Marti and Fred visiting in November...
Marilyn's daughter Amy, husband Jim and the three girls: Courtney, 14, Megan, 19 and Ashley 16. at Mare's, Prescott for Thanksgiving.

The Pattison Clan in July, San Diego's Balboa Park...a real Family tree!!
Linda and cruiser friend Lisa in Seattle.
Ardy and Marv from s/v Odyssey in Portland on a quest for the perfect beer.
Dave and Marili from s/v Tamara with Marv, Ardy and Linda watching the  Chimney Swifts in Portland.
In Victoria on a Navy cruise to observe the Canadian's historic  Oriole sail on it's Diamond Jubilee celebration...
Jean Guy, Fran and Rosie at their home in Victoria; JG sailed on the Oriole "a hundred years ago"... LOL.

Happy Cristy and Tony, engaged.
Yeah, they did it! In Maui at the Grand Wailea's beach ceremony.
"First comes love, then comes marriage and here comes Mina in a baby carriage!" Due April 30th.

Linda observing the OR coast - love that place!
In SLT with former s/v Full Quiver's  Pam and Steve Lanin.

Linda at brother Lon's holding Justin's new baby, Henry. Yes it's a beer but Henry didn't get any....or did he?

Krista and nephew Chris with son Shane near Bend, OR.
Linda, a tree hugger....

Vancouver City visiting Elaine and Mark: Bill and Mark with his 18#.  fresh-caught salmon, fileted ! It was yummy!

Biill and the USS Missouri, Pearl Harbor

Lon's wife Linda, brother Lon and grand baby Henry(Justin's baby) in Eugene.

Amber and Chase visiting from Dallas, with Grandpa, July 4th, Sierra Vista.

That's all for now!