Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stuck in San Carlos...

Here we sit in San Carlos awaiting a weather window. So no news is good news.  We decided not to beat ourselves up and wait for a good time to cross to the Baja. We have been cold - for San Carlos - many nights down to low 40's.  Thankfully, our boat's diesel heater is working well!! 

We've spent time with friends and seeing a few Mark Mulligan concerts locally...and eating out here and there. Bob and Donna from ND (they even thought it was too cold for Mexico!) have rented a house here for a month and are also enjoying the local cerveza/margaritas, sights and sounds of the city. 

We should still arrive La Paz o/a February 7th.  Palmira has our slip waiting for us. Hoping it warms up a lot by then - and further south.  

Here's a pic from last year's haul out, if you are curious what we look like in a sling! 40,000 # of boat - pretty good sling!  It honestly feels like watching your baby be born when they haul her out of the water. "Please don't drop her!" We will be hauling again in April as we found out we need a new boat survey for insurance purposes.  Probably be back in San Carlos o/a April 1 for that. 

 Cristy's little girl is due to arrive EOM April, anyway - so be good to be closer to home!  A short south season this year - if we ever get out!  But we are hoping to sail again in June with Grandkids Daniel and Amber!!

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  1. Hola! So we aren't missing great weather? That makes us feel a bit better...still trying to find a way to get back to INTREPID II in Marina Seca...our cruising season is still TBA - hope we will connect again - farkle, farkle....Carol and Kelly