Thursday, February 21, 2013

San Carlos!
We started out the month of January hanging out with Bob and Donna, visiting from ND, and Tom and Joan in town.  We made it to La Palapa for Mark's music a few times, stops at the Capt's Club for lunch and PM music and walking the beach south of Guaymas as well as Algodones Bay.

 Joan and Donna and the rental house, Donna and Bob at the Cpt's Club and dancing.

 Music at JJ's on the street....this is Manuelito's band! Bob and Donna enjoying!

 A festive dinner at Tom and Joan's, still with Christmas cheer!

 Mark at La Palapa Griega! And with a new singer....

 The Algodones Bay beach near Pfaff's rental house.

 Marina San Carlos - Tanque de Tiburon in the center, our bathroom sand dock area:

 A trip eith Joan and Donna to Cochreta Beach souch of Guaynas after the flea market at Empalme:

 Joan feeding the wild dogs!
so then end of San Carlos and on to new horizons....

After fun 3 weeks with friends in San Carlos, we headed out initially on January 22 with Bob and Donna aboard for a day sail.  We had a great day, actually turned the engine off and sailed a little bit!  Arriving around the corner, we dropped the anchor in Algodones Bay near their condo on the beach. The winds picked up by mid-afternoon when Bill was ready to dinghy them ashore so they had a wild ride in! We did notice a difficult biut of steering, though, and decided the next AM to pull into Marina Real and get it checked out. Took a few days, consult with a diver and Omar-the-engine-guy (our saint) and some parts but had a clogged artery in the steering cable.  Did a Roto-rooter of sorts and it has worked well since. Whew.

Ok we are heading south until the mantequilla melts....

Bob the sailor!
 Cheers! Happy sail day!
 ...and back to shore...bye bye Bob and Donna!
 as the sun sets behind the Tetakawi's (um, Goat Tits)
 Sailor Donna at the helm!

 Linda and Donna...BFF along with all my other BFF's....

Hasta Lueago, San Carlos!!

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