Monday, February 2, 2009

El Malecon

February 2 is a special day for us - the Army Nurse Corps birthday, Groundhog's Day (is it still winter?) and "I love you" day for us. I love you, Bill!
The Malecon in La Paz

The Malecon (mah- lay-cone) AKA the "boardwalk" along La Paz....It goes for 5-6 miles! It's concrete and/or tiled, about 12 feet wide, lit at night and all along the water's edge. A very delightful place to walk. Our marina to town center is about 4000 steps from our marina, Marina Palmira, according to my pedometer!
The statues add a bit of whimsy to the stroll, from mermaids, to fishermen to sailors. The sailor above seems to looking to sea from his silly boat.

Part of the malecon in town is along a beach, complete with with palapas for shade. Note the tour bi-plane that seats one passenger at a time and departs from the water. $60 for a half hour tour, we hear.

The fisherman - with metal net!

One of my favorite mermaids! From the center of town looking out at the bay.

And yet another favorite mermaid!!

..and another!

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