Saturday, January 24, 2009

Barb and Randy arrrive!

Here we are, downtown La Paz on an evening stroll! And yet another sunset from the boat at anchor in a cove, looking over the dinghy on the davit...

Hello - and, wow - January is flying by!

Bill's new plane (just kidding -it's a little harbor tour plane).
Linda's newest Palapa hat (thanks for the idea, Ana!).

Last week we had to bite the old bullet and shop for a new computer. The old one had old power, no storage and just was wearing out. We spent a day between 4-5 stores (Office Max, Home Depot, City Club, Soriano's and the Dorian's department store) checking options. We ended up with a machine with a lot of power but, it turns out, only spoke spanish. Not to worry, we are learning spanish......... seriously, we did spend a week with spanish and the keyboard is still spanish but we were able to change the key programs over....all is good and fast. The only problem is the wifi connection at the marina.

Prepping for on board guests is interesting! With very little spare space and the v-berth used for storage, finding a place for bags, boxes, art supplies, brief cases, etc is interesting. So the obvious storage place to move things prior guests on board is the master head cabin bathtub! Still unable to move everything out (heavier spare sails, food bins, bosun's chair and snorkel gear), we did leave a space for upcoming company to at least set their bags and change clothes - and stow their bedding during the day. And the guest head has a new faucet and is clean!

Barb and Randy Arrive!!

Here we are eating again, dinner at Buffalo BBQ!

1/18/2009 SUNDAY: We have had the pleasure of a great week with old friends, Well, not OLD friends, old FRIENDS! Barb and Randy arrived from Texas on January 18th for a few days of La Paz fun, sun and sailing. We borrowed car from Ana and Steve (thanks, guys!) and made a fun airport run. After check in at the hotel and a brief boat tour, we headed back to the city center and returned the car. We walked to Rancho Viejo for some wonderful arracharra, the BBQ beef we have grown to love so well. Walking further down the malecon after dinner, we caught a cab and returned to the marina and the hotel and headed to bed. A long day for all.

Here's Randy making a wish on a magic seashell, and walking the favorite mermaid statue!

1/19/2009 MONDAY: Happy Birthday, Lon! Yes I did remember!! We breakfasted at the Dinghy Dock on our dock, shuttled to town and walked a bit, finding thr Ibarra pottery factory and then ther grocery store (the cow store) for last-minute fresh provisions for the short sailing trip. Back to stow provisions and shower, we taxied to meet a group at La Fonda for some wonderful (and cheap) real Mexican food. Yum. I had the special enchiladas and Bill had his favorite garlic grilled fish...which tends to hang on for a few days. Once again, knew I should have ordered it, too! Then of course, we made the trek to the famous polka dot tree for ice cream. First time I had, I did get sick...but it's been 6 weeks, so decided to try the pistachio. Again, yum. None for Bill. Then a walk back down the malecon.

1/20/2009 TUESDAY: Ok, no more ice cream. Got sick again. Must be the butter fat? But after a rest, we dicided I was OK to go to sea. So we packed ourselves up, stowed the things that fall off shelves and gathered Barb and Randy and backed out of the slip to head north to somewhere. Passing Rocas Lobos ansd Bahia Balandra, we crossed the channel north of La Paz to the island of Espiritu Santo. Of course, not much wind and we had to motor the entire few days we were out. But did set the sails a few times just for "show". Many fish and birds crossed our path but no big sea monsters, or even dolphins, rays or whales. Just birds...many Friagtes, we finally figured out. (They looks like prehistoric pterydactyls' to me). We anchored in Bahia San Gabriel, a very nice bay on the southwest corner of ES. It was slightly roly throughout the night but we did fine. Bill BBQ'd checkin in foil for dinner and we ate in the cockpit. The only other boat at anchorage was a power boat and it appeared the lady of the ship was swimming aft, naked. Isn't that why we have binoculors? Too funny. I believe Randy and Barb tossed and turned a bit, sleeping in the salon - but made it through the first night out.
Feeling not so queezy, Randy takes a turn at the wheel while Barb watchs for whales or birds. Both enjoying the cockpit ride.

1/21/2009 WEDNESDAY: This was mom and dad's anniversary date - they were married in 1945. Happy anniversay! After a healthy oatmeal breakfast, the four of us decided to make the south channel east to the other side of the island and made it to Bahia Bonanza in just a few nice hours. We did spot some jumping rays at a distance and some other boats out and about, sails, power and pangas out fishing.

As you can see, blue skies, no wind and the sails aren't up!

It was pretty windy when we tried to anchor and after two drops, we found a sweet spot and hooked in. Soon after we stopped, the wind died and we had a pleasant sunset, a nice evening.

Bill dropped the dinghy and we made a trip to shore, swearing at the motor all the way. That Tanaka has got to go! Need a Honda. Randy and Barb elected to man the boat while we went to shore. I found some delightful shells on the very long, white, sandy beach - extremely pretty! The water felt about 80 degrees on the shore...very pleasant to wade through.
The little dinghy ashore with Tanque de Tiburon anchored out.

I made us a spaghetti dinner, complete with wine. The galley being a mess after creating a dinner, I cleaned up soon after we ate and we headed to bed early. Oh, the plankton was phosphorescing again and we had a short showing of that - complete with Linda spitting into the water to enhance the effect. Hey, it works. The head flushing Bill tried wasn't near as effective! We had a quiet and calm night, few rolly's and good weather. Could even see the lights of La Paz over the north of the peninsula to the south of us.

1/22/2009 THURSDAY: Departing at about 10 AM for La Paz, we motored out of our great anchorage after a superb sunrise. I think Bill, Randy and Barb slept throguh it! AAHH, but I have pictures! Once again creating camp coffee in the perculator on the propane stove, we had scrambled eggs for breakfast and put things away for a day of motoring with sails. Retracing our steps back through the channel and south to La Paz, we arrived mid-afternoon into our slip. Bill calls the marina office for deck hands and low and behold, they did arrive today. It was sunny, with a few clouds and a nice day to be out. We showered and caught a taxi to our favorite place, Buffalo BBQ (see picture abouve) for ribs! Yum.

1/23/2009 FRIDAY: Meeting Barb and Randy at the Dinghy Dock restaurant patio for breakfast, Lucy the goose joined us. She actually approached the table and begs for food! But we cannot feed her at the table, pig that she is. Everyone seemed tired so returned to quarters for a mid-morning nap. Bill and I re-stocked the cooler with ice, drinks and beer and did some cleaning up. About 2 PM, we all headed to town, via taxi, to find La Costa (see picture of Barb, Randy and Linda) , the beach-side seafood restaurant. The favorite there was the whole-fried snapper...deep fried and succulent. After lunch, we walked to the Banditos Bar for a supposed beach party sponsored by the American's Club Cruceros. They were BBQ'ing burgers in their old-car grill. Not much Buffett or Beach Boys music, so we didn't stay long. Walking to town, we cruised the Malecon for a few blocks, had some more ice cream (I tried fresh peach gelato this time and did not get sick). Back to the cockpit for a nightcap and Barb and Randy headed to bed early.

Our boat neighbors, a locally-owned large power boat was hosting a big party and had music until after 10...but they came by and chatted with Bill a few minutes, too. Nice folks. The La Panga restaurant hosted a bash that lasted until 5 AM! We could here the beat most of the night - 5 docks away.

1/24/2009 SATURDAY: Fly day for Barb and Randy! We had a breakfast at La Panga, a walk north on the Malecon and saw them off at 12. Nice week - thanks guys!!!

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