Saturday, January 17, 2009

January! We're Baa-aack!

Wow, time flies when you're having rum! January is flying by and our guests, Barb and Randy arrive from Texas manana for a week. We are excited to finally have some company. Now we can be the experienced ones and show someone else around! (Or rather, they can get lost along with us!)

The routine of living aboard in a marina is starting to settle in. We have had boat projects, trips to get groceries, tour the hardware stores for "guy stuff" and had dinner with friends. Bill has waxed the boat and finished oiling the teak. I have cleaned in and out, then started all over again. I started helping teach a daily Yoga/stretching class this past week and attended several ladies luncheons, including the "Sisters Aquiring Sailing Skills". Bill had the dinghy motor worked on. Danny the sail-maker has been back and forth measuring and creating the new sail cover. We had the boat bottom cleaned by local divers who do that for a living - in wet suits! And then there's galley work and laundry, a chore in itself that I put off until there is three or four loads....

Last weekend, there was a big storm predicted, a "norther". Come Saturday, the wind did pick up and blew for 24 hours, gusting to 25 knots. The marina actually closed the port - no one can go in or out. We watched the boats (at high tide) out at anchor in the open bay rocking and rolling. It did not look fun - and glad to be in a slip, in a marina, safe and snug.

$$$$$ A Five Star Week for Boat Sheckle Spending! This week's big projects for Bill were plumbing - the galley faucet died and forward head handle had a major leak. Hence, the hardware store visits. He cursed and pushed, pulled and stood on his head getting first the old faucet off then a new one in place. It now looks very pretty, all new and shiny and clean! Thanks, Bill. The next boat purchase had to be the new lap top - again, we had to have a working machine and the old lap top is almost dead. Yesterday was comparison shopping between Office Depot, Office Max, the department store and City Club, similar to CostCo - where we did buy one. We still had antenna problems so the computer guy, Trevor, spent this afternoon with Bill.

Now that we are up and running again - and faster, we should be able to add a few more oics and details for the blog! The prior trip is just below.

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