Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mazatlan The City+

A few weeks in Mazatlan flew by! We met new cruise friends on Swan Song (Swan and Al from Hawaii) and Conteneto (John and Penny) and friends of friends on Saucy Lady, Roy and Winona. On dock four, we also met SeaBourn's friends on Summer Wind (Larry and Diana. And many more nice cruiser folks here and there. More details and pics on Carnaval (spelling is correct!) to follow! But here we are at the parade in our new cool decorator masks:

Walking the streets one evening prior Carnaval, we encountered people painting walls, bought flowers from this cute little girl and watched the crew set up many lights and beer stalls.

Now this has no explanation. Out by Cerritos, there is a horse stable that offers BILINGUAL horses! They are doing better than I, I suppose. Is that "Whoa!" or "Alto"?

McCrea's visited Mazatlan and we visited them at their resort...

We also took a dinghy ride and stopped at El Cid resort and marina for lunch. The funny taxi is a polmonia...a VW "Thing" that is unique to Mazatlan. At times, it feels like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

The moral to this story, even if you are a dog, beer will get to you. Bill is being kissed by a sea lion at the Aquarium, Linda sizes up a whale skeleton there, as well. And that's a Dorado fish so proudly caught at Cerritos Beach, where we ate fresh grilled lobster and shrimpfor about $12.

We are departing February 19th for parts south...details TF as we go and find wifi!!

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