Monday, March 26, 2012

Mas de La Paz

26 Mar 2012....

Once we arrived La Paz, the usual socialization starts and hard to get away! Visited the Tailhunter for food and music, had a great burger at The Shack and put our name on the wall. And Mark Mulligan flew in for a concert at La Costa, too.

We are settled into our slip at Marina Palmira until EOM - then will plan to go out again for a few weeks and explore the local islands - Espiritu Santo and perhaps Isla San Francisco again when the winds are less...

We have eaten at several fun spots, shopped, walked and executed a dock party. Bill is busy painting the deck wood back to pretty and shiny. I painted the forward head so far and it came out "purdy". Have been hanging with Steve and Gig on s/v Charlotte Alane and been able to visit with Lisa from s/v Andiomo - now in La Paz house sitting as well as Ana, who lives here also, Ginger's buddy from Alameda.

We did spend a fun w/e in Los Barilles with friends Lorne and Catherine, that included a St. Paddy's Day celebration at a nearby club. They were house sitting at a villa there as they are having a house built. The pool looked inviting but was 69 degrees! The area north of the town (a delightful town, BTW) has many beautiful homes as well as wandering goats and cattle through the streets. A heard had gotten into the yard. Note the size of Duke, the Graet Dane being "sat"...a big baby!

Bill is standing in front of T de T where the dock party was held. Live music provided by Mike of s/v La Otra on his zither-thing and Scott on s/v Scott Free. And a dock-shot from the bow to the party...Linda is in there somewhere....

So that's about it - life at the marina in La Paz!

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