Sunday, July 14, 2013


WE KIDNAPPED DAN ......for a month! 

He arrived mid- June and we came to San Carlos, MEX a few days later.  It was hot hot hot but we survived 4 days in the hotel as we got the boat ready.  Tried some snorkeling (a bit murky) and local food and drink. Explored San Carlos and Guaymas on errands.

The boat looks so...small??? Dan can attest that one of the salon sofas is at least 6' but no longer...being 6'2"...he barely fit. He was a good sport!

 The Sea of Cortez Beach Club, again.

 El Mirador, the lookout point in San Carlos.

 Una cerveza, por favor.
 Prepping the dinghy on a run to Marina Real for snacks.
 Snorkeling in front of the hotel.

Next stop, Bahia de Los Angeles but not in CA! To get to BLA, we made several stops heading into the north Sea of Cortez toward the midriff islands. From Algodones Bay to Las Cocinas, we thin headed to Isla Tiburon and Los Perros (Dog Bay), on to Partida, Bahia Don Juan and finally into BLA for a "town", of sorts.  

 Cockpit and foredeck sitting is inevitable in a passage.
 Occasional food was cooked, as well....even tho the galley was Hot as Hades!

 Oh and some laundry en route as well.
 BBQ for dinner!
 Dan drives...and likes the auto pilot!
 At anchor in a bay!
 Mexican Train dominoes!!
 Several great schools of dolphin - wow.

 At the beach after a snorkel....

 Beer and hotdogs...what not to like? Um I believe that was grandpa's beer....

With some rolly seas, we did a few ups and downs and it took Dan a few days to get his sea legs.  After helping Bill in a very hot engine room area, he finally got over the queasies. The winds varied from 5-20 knots but often on our nose 0 unusual for this time of year!

 From BLA and south, we made stops at Animas Slot and Bahia San Francisquita and on to Santa Rosalia. Then the 17 hour crossing back to San carlos...back to the resort while we clean and unload the boat.  Fast trip altho Dan thought 5-7 mph was sooo slow!  LOL.

Thanks for joining us, Dan!! Grandpa and Grandpa

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