Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spring in La Paz 2015

Spring time in La Paz!

We were about the last of the "old gang" to arrive - and that was by tow in on Jan 31!

Transmission was ordered and we waited for the installation.

 Time was spent seeing friends and enjoying the nice weather.  This was an unusually wet spring in La Paz and we enjoyed the cloudy days, a few rains and some very awesome sunsets.  We watched the constant guest turn-about on s/v Orion next to us and even met them at anchor several times - once for Mike's 70th BD.  In fact we had a small BD party on the dock for THREE dock Captains with 70th BD's - to include Bill's on April 28th, Mike's and Eric on s/v Endara. ! s/v Gosling was on the dock with us off and on and  s/v Charlotte Alane was our constant go-to dinner date about town. This cruiser gang is getting old.
Club Cruceros hosted a Luau!  Very fun.  Gig and Steve enjoy with Shelly, the club's Commadore and some local hula dancers.
We attended a fun cooking school again with Chef Obeto at Clarita's Casa.
Gig is reading her recipies.
Christine and Eric enjoying our "fruits" of the school.
Bill and Steve with margaritas awaiting dinner.....
We spent several weeks cruising home, back up the beautiful Baja and arrived back into our slip in San Carlos May 19th.
T de T at anchor, so pretty!

The Mexican Navy R&R, fishing for dinner.

Ensenada Grande's cool rock formations and some s/v Orion paddle boarders.

S/v's Orion and T de T (anchor sail deployed) at anchor.
Surrounded by pretty turquoise waters and rocks.

Dinghy tour!
 We did attend a few Carnaval (sic) events and caught our favorite Mexican singer, Yuri, about midnight.

We had Marti and Fred's visit, rented a car and enjoyed Todo Santos and Truinfu again. 

  Marti shopping at the marian's mini farmer's market and with Fred on the Malecon and Bill sun gazing?

On M&F's hotel patio

Out for dinner.

Sister's! Yes she is younger than me, heehee.

The La Paz Whale museum, not quite opened.  We had a sneak preview.


The north peninsula's beach on Lorenzo Channel. Tecalote.
Their pool at M&F's hotel, the El Moro,  near our marina.

Home May 19th!






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