Sunday, March 15, 2009

Marina Palmira and The Boat

Our new boat! Just kidding. Sitting in a local, abandoned panga on the beach downtown. Hum, we are getting tan, aren't we? Bill's out more than me - and I use a lot of sunscreen...

And this is really our boat, a bow view as we enter a bay on Espiritu Santo....

A view of Marina Palmira from the hill behind the marina. Yes, our mast is in there someplace!

This is NOT our boat but a rather large motor vessel called Silverado,
apparently owned by Hilton. Nice, huh? It was at the end of our dock for a week or so. And no, Paris was not aboard.

By comparison, we look puny but we can handle her. Can see a part of the derelict boat next to us that has been abandoned and now belongs to the marina. beats us why they don't move it. We are just the blue mast and forward jib. Have some nice vessels on our dock this week, two new sailboats that are gorgeous.

And another "hill" view of the marina - we are in the second dock down from the top of the picture. You can see the channel beyond the quay wall, heading into La Paz.

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