Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer n Grandkids!

NOTE: Hi to all...I will add a few pics over the next few weeks - be patient! The Blog was running slow in uploading my pics. Below are actually some of the LAST half of their visit in June and July! In all, Amber and Chase spent almost three weeks with us and a few weeks with Auntie Marty and cousins in San Diego.

Vicky departing back to Dallas...
off on a Cancun anniversary trip!

Arriving from Dallas with Mom Vicky on June 4th, we started off with lunch with Aunt Karen in Tucson then a trip to Kartchner Caverns the same day!
Lunch in Tucson!

A few missing here...

Goofin' around in the yard!
I love ya to death, bro.....

one, two, three.....down!

A treasure hunt in the yard!!!


On a hike to Ramsay Canyon....deer and turkeys, oh my.

Doesn't he look like a little run-away - just needs a hobo bag and a PBJ!

ahh, tired boy and Grandpa -

Here's Michael...a visit from the San Diego crowd over the 4th of July....

Fish feeding....the Koi are super tame and eat bread right from your hand - rather nibble it off - and with - your fingers. Luckily, no teeth

AAARRRGGH! I pirate pinata!

OK, Chase, now swing at the pinata. Actually - Daniel got it and whopped it good.

Amber collecting the goods:

And now for the July 4th fireworks show in Sierra Vista! A full hour of spectacular fireworks. Pre-show, music and room torun around. I think the kids had a good time!

No rain, Chase - but you never know during the monsoons.....

Here's our crew...Mike and Marty in the chairs and Chase, Dan and Amber on the quilt, awaiting the show.

Happy fouth of July....grandkids and grandpa:


Happy summer! Happy birthday, USA!

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  1. Really enjoyed all the pictures! Looks like you had a great 4th of July!