Wednesday, August 19, 2009

more grandkid pics

A few more kid visit shots from here and there.....

Around the yard....
feeding the fish...
sprinkler time

and spa time

At The Cove....

Grandpa in the water, too!

Bill and Chase in Tombstone..

Yikes! A ghost from the past?

Amber at a bar - ok, so it is ROOT beer!

..after the beer...oops.

Imagine Chase zooming down the wooden sidewalks of Tombstone

At the Desert Museum in Tucson....what a fun (but hot) day! Here's Chase viewing the Underwater Otter display....

...and Amber teasing an otter....

"Look,'s a prickly cactus...."

"OK, so it really is sharp...."

Amber enjoying our picnic!

Ok, so I guess PBJ wasn't high on his list at the Desert museum?

Amber with Miss Sierra Vista - cool!

At Kartchner Caverns

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