Friday, December 18, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving from Bill & Linda
Sierra Vista and Prescott
Thanks for hosting, Jim and Amy!
Good to see Marilyn and Bill, as well. And we loved having Michael and Daniel for a few days!!!
We met daughter Marty in Casa Grande and picked up the boys for the week! Here we are at the Cracker Barrel....Bill, Marty, Linda, Michael and Daniel. The exciting week was Kartchner
Caverns, golf, the movies and hanging out - tolerating Linda's cooking....

There was a lot of hanging out. games on the patio.....

For Thanksgiving Day, we traveled to Prescott via Cristy's, picked her up and spent the day at Marilyn's daughter, Amy's and Jim's , house in Prescott Valley....the kids played some pool and we ate and visited.

's Michael, Courtney and Ashley playing pool...

Megan, Marilyn, Bill and Jim ....toasting in the driveway? who knows....

Now for dinner.
The usual kids table...
Danny, Courtney, Megan, Ashley and Michael

Ahh, the gang...the pics with Linda did not turn out so am waiting Cristy to send.....but here we have Daniel, Ashley, Marilyn's Bill, Courtney, Megan ,Michael, Amy, Jim, Socie and hidden Marilyn (oops), Cristy and Bill.
Nice shot of the kiddos!!! Dan, Mike in the back and Mega, Courtney and Ashley up front. The girls helped out with serving and dishes and hostiung. Thanks, Amy and Jim, for hosting us all!.
Back to Phoenix in the car with Cristy, Dan and Mike in the back seat....sharing an iPod. Cristy worked to 8 PM the night before and had to be up at 0400 for the Black Friday sale at Target. Apaprently, the Rx drugs went on sale, too..always need a pharmacist at 5 AM...????Being the good manager, she went in to help the store. We stayed over at her house with the boys and drove to Tucson the next day to meet Jamie and BF who were to take the boys to Bill's ex and then head back to San Diego. So....meeting Jamie at Guadalajara Grill, had a nice lunch, met Jamie's BF and turned the boys over....Bill with Marty's kids - Jamie (20), Dan (13) and Mike (16). Nice kids!!

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