Saturday, January 23, 2010

San Carlos to La Paz - 2010

A brief log: What a ride we had!!! From San Carlos December 19th, we headed across the sea with good weather reports from three reliable sources. Mother Nature is sometimes cruel, tho! The original plan was to sail/motor overnight, usually a 18-20 hour run, to San Juanico. However, winds kicked to 30+ knots in with 8-10 foot ocean swells that lasted all night and pushed us south, so we altered our course and headed for Isla Coronado instead. Our auto-pilot, "Otto" hated it, too, and he quit - (as in broke!) so Bill had to hand steer in the rough seas for 22 hours. Our helped a little so he could take a break but it was hard steering. We were both a little "green" , didn't eat much and were awake the entire time so were pooped when we arrived. A short stay for rest overnight, then on to Puerto Escondido (pics below), Los Gatos, San Frandcisco and then on into La Paz.

Now in La Paz, we had Otto fixed, some canvas finished on our sail cover, the boat polished by Bill, of course, the bottom cleaned, some computer antenna problems addressed, saw many friends and much good food around town. We should head toward Mazatlan the 27th with a stop in Muertos before we jump the pond.

Around La Paz, tired Bill, the beach in town, a farmacia where I bought some pills and the "bread guy's" place

La Paz Ladies luncheon - a lovely meal we had...80 women! It's been around for 50+ years for the English-speaking ladies of La Paz. ...and some various foods we've enjoyed...

some friends...wait! How did Joan and Tom get here?
Doug and Carla, Shanna and Jessie

....and Ardy and Marv

Los animales..pelicans in a bay with our boat in back, .whales on the channel, pelican on the dock, hotel parakeets and a dolphin who accidentaly entered our marina

These are "the candles" coming out of Puerto Escondido....have to sail thru them and try to miss the reef....

Sailing south, dinner at anchor and a choppy sea!

Captain Bill sailing us south...a quiet read on board while "Otto" keeps us on track, a sunset and Linda on the beach at Isla San Francisco.

Pics of Tanque de Tiburon: in our slip at Marina Palmira, the cockpit, a sunset from the galley window, the salon and Bill up the ladder.

Christmas on board, in Puerto Escondido, one of my mermaid shells and two charts - the Baja as well as Puerto Escondido - you can see why they call it the "hidden Port" - it is!!

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