Saturday, January 23, 2010


January 17-20: Just a little trip north to Espiritu Santo and had a small bay all to ourselves for three days! It's a long narrow bay, so difficult for more than one boat. Just relaxed. The last two nights had the cormuel swells roll in which made for a rolly night, up and down to check the anchor a lot. Always worry about drifting....not a good thing to run aground! Beautiful bay, had a beach tour for lunch and sun. From the beach, you can see T de T at anchor. It's a big, shallow shoal and why we can't get any closer. Our boat draws 6 feet, meaning the keel hangs down pretty low and would drag.

Came back to the marina for a week as a big wind predicted, which did come through with lotsa wind and a little rain.

How did I ever forget Kirk? And there's Vicky's dog, dishes, awaiting a snack under Kirk's cocktail table....Yum!

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