Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jan Feb 2012 Sea of Cortez

After a rough 2011, we're finally back
at sea! Feels good to be back on the water. It's been a colder winter in Sierra Vista and we actually had to wear some winter clothes for a month!

Between 2011's sailing season with the numerous boat problems, then a fire in June in Sierra Vista and Linda's new knee #2 in November, the year just went away. Hoping for a very different 2012. But we're up and running and en route south....

The big news is that daughter Cristy (in PHX) announced her engagement to Tony and they are planning an October wedding in Hawaii! Looking forward to helping her plan and attending the BIG event.

Happy Cristy and Tony!

Following Linda's excellent Physical Therapy, taxes and house prep, we made a run to San Carlos, bringing Bob and Donna Pfaff down to surprise Joan and Tom in San Carlos. Had a great week and Bob said "I hate this place" as he ordered another cerveza. Had a fun-filled week with a Mark Mulligan concert included. We hosted happy hour on the boat for grins, too.

Joan, Donna,Bill, Bob and Tom aboard Tanque de Tiburon.

Taking Pfaff's back to the house to house sit for a month, we did our final packing and returned with a loaded car - new head, TV and a water heater tank for Tom and Joan...and more shoes for Linda (just kidding). It took almost two weeks to get systems up and ready. Bill installed a new head, fixed the dinghy engine and consulted Omar to make sure our diesel was working well. We visited Club de Capitanes frequently for draft Chope (Negro Modelo) and Mike's best pizza. Had several great evenings with old and new friends - including Mac & Carole from m/v Venture Forth. A new treat was experiencing real Mexican coffee for dessert at Blackie's. Think: coffee, kahlua, tequila, sugar, ice cream....flaming! Yum.

Mac and Carole after Mexican coffee....

Now, off to Sea....

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