Monday, December 29, 2008

22-28 December 2008

La Paz Navidad 2008

Happy Holidays from Baja California Sud en La Paz! We are still sitting in our slip on Dock #5 and enjoying the weather, exploring La Paz and a few holiday festivities. The Malecon lights on the palm trees and Christmas festivities around town have made it delightful. We found a local concert on the cathedral steps last Monday evening and enjoyed the music school's traditional Christmas celebration, including a Nativity enactment by the teens. We sat on the square and watched as we ate our street burritos.

We have walked and walked and walked, trying to burn off a few calories and stay in shape and enjoy the "ambiance". Many of the stores have special Christmas toy sections, the same as the states. It's fun to watch the kids get excited over all the new toys. One thing we have noticed in Mexico is that in all of the Nativity scenes set-up, before Christmas there is no baby Jesus. And he appears on Christmas morning!

The scene set up at the Govenor's Palace includes elephants and pigs - along with the usual cows and donkeys.

On Christmas Eve, we taxi'd to the other marina for the annual potluck/picnic. Lots of folks there - the boaters and the landlubbers. There was a nice variety of potluck foods, from fresh caught tuna to brownies. I made a rice dish/salad and took some of my cowboy cookies.

Then we walked to Ana and Steve's and ended up staying all evening, playing games and eating Christmas tamales. We walked back along the Malecon after midnight and watched and listened to fireworks and, perhaps, guns - and recieved some Feliz Navidad hugs from some local folks. It was an hour walk but pleasant. The side gates to our marina and hotel were closed and we had to walk a bit further to slip throught the main gate. My feet were tired!!


We have had several very wonderfu; meals this week! On Christmas, we went to Tres Virgins with two other couples from the dock - we were invited by Milagro, Jo and Lance, who were friends of Earl and Maria's. I ordered a "traditional American turkey" dinner. It was more gourmet then traditional and served very elegantly. A very nice setting out on a patio area in what used to be the Governor's mansion - apparently they had just moved there from another location. Nice dinner and nice people.

For our Fifth anniversary on the 27th, we went back to Buffalo BBQ as Bill was needing some more ribs. They cook them on an open mesquite grill and the smells are just wonderful. Also seated on a patio area, we enjoyed the cooler weather and actually wore sweaters and windbreaker! And was glad to have it for the walk back.


Last Friday was a work day for both of us. I did five loads of laundry - no easy task hauling the bundles to the marina laundromat. Bill waxed and polished the boat. he borrowed a soft dinghy and was able to scoot around the boat. The wood is all oiled and looks great - but will give it another coat. Saturday we hitched a ride to town and Bill bought two more boat batteries and replaced them. I never realized just how heavy those things are! Solid lead. So hauling the old ones up the ramp at low tide was an interesting task. And in and out of the boat, steps, ladder, etc...Bill earned his brownie points, as usual. Today, he replaced the fuel cans on the newly painted rails and took a can down to get gas. And, he made the ice run. I made the bed, breakfast, lunch, dishes, cleaned a head and the steps, oiled my dishrack and changed the CD's as Sirius is acting up again. Now, off for a walk before shower, dinner and dark. Maybe we will watch a movie tonight?

I will try again to add a few pics but the blog is being stubborn at accepting them today. Cross your fingers.

All is good! Have New Year's party invitation and then we may head out to an island or two for a few days or so.

~ Nurseshark and Tanker6

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