Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few more pics! First is Lucy, the dock mascot, a very large, noisy and obnoxious goose. She begs for food, loves tomatoes and cucumbers. And we were warned NOT to feed her ON the boat or she will be your friend for life.
Here is Ana and Steve, Ginger's friends who live here and have been most gracious in adopting us, giving us insider tips. And is the best guide - she is biligual and knows where the best bargains, food, the ceramic pottery makers and the weaver are. Very sweet folks - thanks, Ana!

Here I am on a walk to the north of our marina. The malecon (boardwalk) is at least 12 feet wide in most places and very well manitained...all along the ocean.

Here was one of the dolphins we sighted at sea, playing with the boat.

And of course, the galley and a few Christmas decor items out. Not much storage!!!

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