Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boat Chores

My one and only attempt to make something for Christmas...a mess!

Happy Holidays to all! It sounds very cold up north where all the relatives and friends are - even some snow due at our home in Sierra Vista! Our house-sitters also have our dog, Red, who has wiggled his way into sleeping with them (thanks Nancy and Steve). They have tucked the tortoise in for a long winter's nap and the Koi are also probably in winter-mode. But we hear (the brother weather report) snow in Vegas, LA and lots in Oregon, too. Will make a pretty Christmas for all. Donna and Bob, due back to Arizona in January, were at 8 below zero, 39 below with the wind chill near Fargo, ND. BBbrrrrr!

As the holiday festivities continue here, there was a small drop in tempurature to make it a balmy 70-80 degrees, with nice breezes and overcast. La paz is still gearing up with shoppers, special toy stores and decorations. I will miss the lighted palm trees down the malecon after the holidays!

Chores: What do we do on the boat all day? Boat stuff! Routine cleaning and upkeep takes more time than it would seem. Doing anything in the galley is more difficult with digging through the refrigerator/freezer, finding where a specific canned good is stowed, lighting the stove or oven and doing dishes after a meal. Even turning on the microwave, toaster or the coffee maker involves making sure the 110 electric is on first. My cabinets are limited and I try to keep the most-used items up front so I don't have to dig so far! It seems to be getting easier - or I am adapting. Making the bed in a corner is also frustrationg but think I have a better sytem now. I am working on reupohlstering a cover for the mattress.

Bill spent the past two days doing final wood sanding and polishing the bright work (the stainless steel parts). We hope to start the teak oiling process today.

Yesterday, I sorted the V Berth forward and found some little bugs in the bags inside the tubs. So even though it is triple-sealed, I still have to watch it. I had to clean out an entire tub and re-pack - also reloacting a few items to the galley for current use. The V Berth, although fitted as a gues cabin, is my storeroom/pantry. Everything from sails, to sewing machine, soup to nuts, linens, art supplies, luggage/bags and paperwork. It's very full! (crammed is a better word - but organized now!)

Today I will attempt to make some of the Cowboy Cookies - a family recipe Marti forwarded. It will be the second time I have used the oven! I wanted to try Marti's great chocolate cake in a cup but the items are buried so will have to dig them out after I do the breakfast dishes! I will probably use the cookies for give-away treats so i won't be tempted to eat too many. Bill doesn't do sweets.

Dinner Date: Friday evening, we met two couples for drinks and dinner. We started at the Bismark Cafe on the Malecon. They have huge margaritas - but we stuck to beer to keep my tummy happier. We listened to a singer who did a few sad love songs and then a mariachi group of eight played - with horns, big guitars and all! From there, we walked to a BBQ ribs place. What a treat! I had the pork baby back and Bill had the beef ribs - all cooked on a grill on the patio where we sat, under the stars. It was heaven - great food and we'll go back. The other couples shared a flan dessert, that was presented beautifully and served with ice cream. The toilet (bano) was interesting: in the ladies (Mujeres) room, there are two toilets side by side. No partitions. Kinda of reminded me of the old military barracks heads....

It's the weekend before Christmas so we are trying for some tickets to a concert. The web for local information is

~ Linda

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