Monday, December 22, 2008

Antes de Navidad en La Paz…

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through La Paz
Not a sailboat was cruising, not even sea hogs.
The stockings were hung by the masts and the rails.
In hopes that San Nicholas would soon bring new sails.

The salty dog in his watch cap with his wench for a crew
Had just finished a nightcap of homemade boat brew.
When out on the dock there arose such a clatter!
They sprang to the deck to hear something go “splatter”.

He threw open the hatch and fell over the gear,
His bare feet a flutter, his head full of beer.
He cursed like a sailor In spanglish and more.
As he climbed over the toe rail to settle a score.

Then what to his blurry eyes should appear?
But a miniature panga! With eight tiny dolphin to steer!
A little old pescadero so lively and quick!
They knew in a moment It must be Saint Nick?

El pescadero halted his dolphins and threw up a line
To the sailors on dock, mouths still agape and in shock!
Though tired and hung-over, the cruisers they knew,
Were witnessing history - even as the wind blew!

Sitting aboard with his tackle, tequila and rellenos
Sat Panga Juan! and his pescados frescos!
Dressed all in yellow from his head to his shoes,
San Juan was apparently spreading the news.

“Senior Santa – he no come!” said Juan as he rose.
“Instead, I bring fish, fair winds and no snow!
My dolphins, they guide you to best places to be,
Where there are beaches and sunshine and the beer…almost free!”

Packages from home with cards and new CD’s, lights for the boats, fruitcake and cheese;
The sailors, now happy and forgiving the noise, gave San Juan many hugs full of joy.
He unloaded his fish and a cooler of beer, bottles of tequila …and the rum brought a cheer!
Returning to his boat and to the dolphins gave a nod, he rose out of site and declared

“Feliz Navidad!”

~ author: Linda

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