Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping in La Paz

We hope any questions you may have about sailing or La Paz, you will pass on to us. That way,we can search for someone who knows anything about sailing or La Paz....seriously, we are new at this whole thing so it is exciting and we learn more and more everyday. So far, we have figured which end of the boat is forward and made it head south and arrive in one piece. We are now working on the touristy part of exploring La Paz. (P.S. Bill is an excellent sailor, mechanic, wood refinisher and general fix-it guy; Linda is working on the cooking and cleaning part and has mastered the shopping end of the deal.)

Morning Net: Channel 22 at 8 AM is the routine local American cruiser's report, or "net". It is hosted by a variety of volunteers from all the marinas here. Sometimes it is boring but there is always a weather report, rides and crew, swaps and trades (no sales between Americans in Mexico), a few jokes and requests for information or assistance. Parties, pot lucks and meetings are also announced. It really is a good connection and the cruiser community is pretty awesome!

Shopping: While Bill supervised woodwork and sanded, Linda ventured out today to find a post office and meander through town toward the CCC Grocery store. The first taxi driver was a young man who did not know La Paz well. That's ok - with the trusty map, she showed him where she needed to go! Cost: $5. The taxi ride home from CCC - quite a bit further, was about $8. In between, she walked 10,000 steps, all over town! The post cards and letter cost the same to mail via Mexcian postal service - about $1 each. For those sent, let us know when they arrive! In the future, we can buy US stamps and send mail back with cruisers when they return to the states.

The CCC is a large grocery that, as many do here, also includes clothes, shoes and linens. They have a limited selection for Americans, like skim milk and some cheeses. She also found some chocolate chips and saltines to make the Cowboy Cookies, an old family recipe sent from sister Marti. Thanks!

Weather: It was a overcast, cool day and felt perfect for walking and boat work. Shorts are perfect but not hot. The nights are cooler, drops to 60 degrees and just feels great sleeping with the gentle breeze rocking the boat. Our wind generator can be annoying but we certainly know when the wind picks up as it starts "thumping".

Routines and food: Dinner was made easy after unloading groceries, cleaning veggies and sorting and stocking, we did the most logical thing - watched yet another lovely sunset from the cockpit. Following that, we went to the Perico Loco Bar and had our favorite soup: Xochitl (Zoe-Chee). It's different for each restaurant but primarily a broth with chicken or beef, rice or tortillas, cilantro and tomatoes. Tonight's was chicken and rice and some wonderful spices, very good with a cold cerveza! Back to the boat, showered (Bill went to the marina showers), update the log and to bed. ho hum

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